Review Policy

Thank you for taking your time on reading this, I love reviewing books and I would like to say that I am just a blogger not a book review professional. Also please keep in mind that It will take some time to read the book and review it so please be patient thanks a lot.

Books I Review :
  • Young Adult

Genres :
  •  Science Fiction
  •  Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Chick Lit

Things I Don’t Review :
  • Adults
  • Erotica
  • Autobiographies
  • Memoir
  • Comic books

If you contacted me please mention the genre the type also include a summary.

send me books in PDF or epub.

I do not accept hardcopies at the moment.

Also I’d be happy to host other things like : giveaways , blog tours , cover reveal etc..

contact me via email: Or via contact page.

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