Monday, August 24, 2015

Book vs Movie : Memoirs Of A Geisha

So I am first going to start out by saying I was disappointed in the movie, I had high exceptions for it since I really like the book ( review here)  and it didn't meet my exceptions unfortunately. here is why i didn’t like the movie. 

-It does not stick very close to the book I know that happens when you try to fit 400 pages in two hours and you need to cut some parts. but it seems they just took the general idea of the book.

-It was fast, very fast when I checked how much time of the movie left I was shocked like is that it? while the book was really slow paced the movie was so fast.

-The scenes were almost different- just as I said in the first point-, how Hatsumomo left the okiya was really different she didn't leave after the okiya burn and the okiya didn't even burn, there were other scenes that was different as well but I can’t recall any now. 

-Nubu deserves more credit, he was a lot kinder in the books and nicer, at some point I was even cheering for him, he deserves to be loved by Sayuri , I liked his personality more than The Chairman.

I would recommend that people read the book first before watching the movie, but if you want to watch the movie without reading the book, thats fine but I am just saying you need to read the book first.

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