Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Book Series I Haven't Read YET

Harry Potter Series 

So I thought I was the only one who haven’t read it yet, but actually there's a bunch of book bloggers/youtubers who didn't so I am glad that I am not the only who didn't read it. I really really really want to read it, I put on my birthday wish-list so hopefully someone gets it for me.

The Chronicles of Narnia

Okay, so I saw the movies but I don't actually think of reading this soon or maybe ever because it didn’t really draw me in I guess.

The Lord of the Rings

I don’t really have a reason for this, but I am thinking of reading it maybe after I read the Harry Potter series

 A Song of Ice and Fire

Okay, so I watch the TV show before knowing there is a book series, there is so much difference between the series-as I heard- so I think after the series finish I will read it because I don’t want to get confused.

Throne of Glass Series

I know this isn’t not on the level of the other series, but I thought I would include this because I think it famous enough for Fantasy/Sci-Fi booklovers. I am planning to read the first book of the series after I finish Crazy Rich Asians By Kevin Kwan.

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