Saturday, March 14, 2015

BookVSMovie : The Maze Runner

Can I first just say this book was out on my birthday? like how awesome is that even though I didn't watch it on my birthday but it's still cool. Anyway, back to the book vs movie.

the movie from the trailers looks so like the book so I was expecting it to be like the book a lot, but it, wasn’t it was nothing like the book and believe or not I actually liked it. Rather than having to watch a movie knowing what is going to happen even though I like seeing my imagination of each scene become real I get bored sometimes because the excitement is gone I guess but for all of the movies some movies. Watching the movie made me excited there is way many scenes that was changed like the character deaths
, how they got out of the maze and how Thomas couldn't remember his name when in the book he remembered his name immediately. So I guess I wasn’t that bored.

Changing these things also is a down side to me, one of the things I liked about the book is the little things like how everyone had a specific roles they did mention the runners in the movie, but I don't think they got too much in depth with that. They also didn't use their slang so much and I wish they had since it was very fun and clever. One thing I am glad they got rid of the telepathy because that would be so awkward to watch even though the telepathy was one of the main things in the books.

Overall, I liked both the book and the movie I think the movie is very fun to watch and I wish it had more recognition I guess and my sister who really don’t like to read said that she wanted to borrow my books to read it.

tell me in the comments below what book/movie should de featured in Book Vs Movie series.

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