Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year Resolutions | 2015

I know this is late, but we don't have holiday's here and my finals was on the first week of January-, and I still have one final left so wish me luck and I wanted to post something so here is my resolutions:

1-Gain more confidence
even though I think I gained a lot of confidence in 2014, I want to gain even more confidence this year also

2-Learn a new language
This has been on my list for the 2014 resolutions, but I didn't achieve it so I want to achieve it this year, I only speak two languages-Arabic and English-. And I am thinking of learning either French or German.

3-Get healthier and fit
I swear this is in my every new year resolutions even though I do commit to it yet I don't think it enough, I didn't drink or eat fast foods in 2014, which is really an achievement for me.

4-Do more blogging
I started blogging just last year and I took hiatus for two months because of school, but this year I wish for no more hiatus and blog more often.

I don't want to write a lot of resolutions because I know I won't commit to it so I wrote a little.

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