Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Top5: Favourite Stand Alone Books

I already did a review on this ! so make sure to check it out here.

this book just made me think of my life and how i spent it،it opens your eyes and makes think what great things I did in my life ? not only this but I found the way Pudge/John thinks is amusing its an amazing book for a debut novel
(tell me if you want me to do a full review in the comments below)

This is the first book I think I ever read, its one of my favourite books by Agatha Christie since I own so many of her book and she is my favourite writer by far. This book is just unexpected and makes me feel stupid. ! 

Another one by Agatha Christie I just love her and her book !! this is also one of my favourite books by her,even though I suspected the murder at first -unlike they do it with mirror-but I still like the idea it just so amazing!! I remember reading it first in my first language and not liking it but i decided to buy it again in english.

I have already talked about it in my Books I Read In : September post.

That it is!

Tell me what is your favourite stand-alone books and if any of yours made my list :)



  1. I loved Looking For Alaska! My favourite John Green book.

    Lauren :)

  2. Loved Gone Girl. I have never tried a book by Green but Agatha rocks! Great list!