Monday, September 1, 2014

BookVsMovie:The Fault in Our Stars

The movie by far is the best book adaption movie i’ve ever seen !
but i still prefer the book,the missed a couple of things even tough they’re not important like Hazel friend Kaitlyn and Augustus ex girlfriend Caroline Mathersand changed a couple of things but still it was my favourite book adaption movie.

I prefer the book because I think the emotions was expressed better like the I’m a grenade scene and I love you Hazel Grace scene. and I cried because of the book more than the movie.

what I didn't like about the movie the most is the casting, you imagine Augustus as a really hot boy but Ansel wasn't like that at all don’t get me wrong i love Ansel but i think the character didn’t fit him at all. also it was kind of awkward since Ansel and Shailene played siblings in divergent.

and also in book they explain what the fault in our stars means but they didn't explain it in the movie but every things else was still fine.

My sister loved the movie and by far it is her favourite movie.I also love the movie but I can’t say it is my favourite movie.

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