Saturday, September 13, 2014

BookVsMovie : Divergent

I am not sure what I feel about this movie , movie wise it was good but compared to the book I didn't like it , I have a problem with how the emotion is expressed in both the book and movie- if you noticed in the fault in our stars BvM- I feel like everything happened so quickly and fast.

in the book you can feel their love-Tris and Tobias- towards each other. in the movie it just looks like another teenage couple which Istrongly don’t like but it was okay for the people who didn't read the book.

and the fact that made me hate it even more was the fact that there wasn't Uriah or Edward since they were my favourite characters. and how Peter wasn’t as evil as he was in the books since he you know poked Edwards eye with a Knife(?) and did other things i don't remember.

i know the movie isn't supposed to be exactly like the book but as someone who's a big fan of the book i wish it was more like the book, and I can tell you i am not looking forward to the sequel.

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