Tuesday, September 9, 2014

5 Book Series You Should Read

as someone whose book collection is full of book series i thought this would be a good post to write.

( series is not in any practical order )

The Maze Runner series
i already told you about this book series and made a quick review on it in a pervious post . so make sure you check that out !

The Hunger Games Series
to be honest i watched the first movie before i read the book and trust me i shouldn’t have done that ! i thought the book will be also boring as the movie but i decided to give it a try , and i absolutely love it ! its away better than the movie i kept reading it all the time and didn't want to get my hands of it.

Divergent Series
many people said that the divergent series is copying the hunger games series, i agree that some part are copied but yet the book series has an oddly charm to it. its get boring sometimes though but still one of the best.

Percy Jackson And The Gods Of Olmpyus
the first book series i have ever read.The reason why i didn’t but the heros of olympus book series because i prefer the first series and i could tell you many reasons why i like the first series better but i dont want to make this post long. the only thing i don’t like about this series that it is a children's book and not a young-adult.

The Kane Chronicles 
they only reason I started reading this series is because of rick riordan, and i can tell you how much i wish this series got more attention in my opinion its way better than percy jackson series, with many more plot twists. i read this series when i was in a holiday and the whole time i couldn't wait to get back to the hotel so i can read it.

top 5 will be weekly every tuesday :)


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